Long time coming…

So, over a year ago I moved to the Sunshine Coast and spent the past year in a very tiny cabin that was unsuitable for baking large quantities, even small quantities really. I have now moved into a house right by the water, near the woods, surrounded by utter beauty and edibles abound. I’m soon going to start baking my vegan treats here in Gibsons for sale locally.

More site updates coming soon but for now know that this is starting again…

Hope you’re excited if you’re a coaster.



vegan croissants take hours to make but are worth it in the end.

┬áIt’s almost 1:30am and I am sitting in bed craving croissants. If only they didn’t take six hours to make.

Why am I awake and craving these? Now I’ll make you crave them as well.

Gluten Free Vegan Tarts.

chocolate crannberry tarts with slivered almonds, fresh basil, and sea salt. Photo by Jen Clark.

In Decemeber I was asked by Olla Flowers in Gastown if I wanted to bake for their Holiday Event Sale. It was my first big catering gig and I decided to take it. For this sale I tried my hand at making gluten free tarts and it was such a success. The tarts I made for them sold out in the first day so I guess I had done something right!

All of my friends say that this pastry is some of the best tart pastry they have ever had regardless of gluten. I still feel that it needs a bit of work but when I have perfected it I will share it because I feel there is no need to keep a good thing a secret!

Vegan Cook-Offs & Spiced Whiskey Currant Apple Bread.

photograph by Jen Clark

Apple Currant Whiskey Bread with Whiskey Butter.

Once a month my friends and I get together and host Vegan Cook-Offs. There is a new theme decided by us each month and then we show up prepared with our food creations. We all try everything, look at how it’s presented and then after we have filled ourselves with vegan delights and alcoholic beverages we vote for our favorites in each category we have laid out. The categories are usually like this:

Seconds (what we would eat more of right then and there)



Best Overall

As well as a category usually decided at the cook-off pertaining to that months theme.

This month the theme was cooking with liquor and I chose to make a sweet bread filled with whiskey soaked currants and apples served with whiskey butter (made with Earth Balance) It was pretty delicious. A moist bread that we were all slathering in the whiskey butter I had made. Decadent. I didn’t win this month (I did place second out of six entries) I made the bread with a mixture of unbleached all purpose, quinoa, and spelt flours. I will post a recipe for this soon but for now some pictures taken by my lovely friend Jen Clark.

Amazed at soy whip cream from a can!

Spicebox Whiskey. Cheap and tasty.

To read more about the Vegan Cook-Offs click the link! Follow our blog, also run by Jen Clark mainly.

Cranberry Apple Ginger Muffins.

I’ll admit, I am addicted and obsessed with apples & pears. It doesn’t matter what I’m making for dinner if there is an apple or pear in the house it’s going in. Soups, stir-fry, bread, cookies, muffins. Apples or pears will be there.

My lovely roommate Laryssa came home from the Granville Island Market dumpster with bags and bags of frozen cranberries as well as a plethora of other produce while my other roommate Megan came home with a large bag of apples. I knew baking was about to go down in the kitchen. So late last night while everyone was heading off to bed (or in the case of Laryssa, coming home from work) I baked these muffins filled with apples, cranberries, as well as some crystallized ginger.

I was happy to wake up this morning to these on my kitchen table as dream land took away the memory of baking them at midnight.

There is nothing like an autumnal muffin, a cup of coffee, and time to draw in your sketchbook in the morning.


I have been baking cakes these past few months. I have to say, cakes are not my specialty, they are also not something I enjoy eating much. Cupcakes, for sure. They are a simple sized serving for one or maybe to share but when it comes to cake for me there is too much going on. I do enjoy decorating them though.

A few weeks ago my friend Besh asked me to bake her a chocolate orange cake for our friend Caitlin for her birthday. I obliged and came up with this lovely cake. I love how the mandarin orange segments in the middle look like a starfish.