Roasted Beet & Tomatillos

Last night my partner and I rode our bicycles over to Gospel Rock, a really nice bluff overlooking some gulf islands and the Pacific expansive. As the days are slowly starting to cool off I feel like I have to get in as much swimming and sunny beach time as possible (although I am one that prefers the rain). After our afternoon of skinny-dipping and beer swilling we parted ways and on my short bike ride home I passed by a table of free produce from a neighbours garden.

From the table I took a very large beet and three tomatillos. Today after work I decided to put these delightful garden gifts to good lunch use.


I chopped the beet into one inch squares and threw them into a baking dish with some olive oil salt & pepper. I added the tomatillos (papery homes removed) whole and placed them in my oven preheated to 350 degrees and left them there for 45 minutes.




Afterwards I threw this medley on top of some brown rice and added some greens from my garden and a smattering of organic hemp hearts.


beet tomatillo salad

I cannot wait to make more warm salads, oh autumn, my love for you is endless.



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