Summer dreams


With summer officially over (weeks ago really) I reminisce of bounty from that time of dry skin, heat soaked, ocean salted. Funny thing is we still have tomatoes growing at Infinity House, who knows if they’ll redden. If not, I still have plans for them. My basil and other heat loving plants are in the greenhouse with hopes of continued growth. Now the kale is starting to really go for it, it’s also magically popping up all over our yard.

I’ve been blog missing for quite some time. I have been busy with pretzels, breads, cupcakes, pear tarts. Fall is my favorite season as it seems people like to cozy up with delectable desserts in the evening time, sun setting early, tea in hand. I sadly lack photographs of anything as it was a busy couple of weeks for me and photographs were honestly the last thing on my mind. I was more concerned with ferry schedules, and taking care of my friends daughter. Life can become chaotic but now I feel an ease.

Time to plant garlic and possibly bake a pie today. I promise photographs if this does actually manifest.


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